Thursday, May 24, 2001

Wow, here I am only 2 days after discovering what a blogg is ! So why have I decided to write about my life ? ( which is what I am going to do ! ), well I think it's because I'm abit of a day dreamer, I always seem to be evaluating my life and I think putting my thoughts into writing seems like a good idea.

One question I always seem to ask myself is 'Is my life heading in the right direction ?' . Some days the answer will be 'yes' and others it will be 'no', today is a 'yes' day though, why ?, well I'm happily married to a beautiful woman, have a cracking little son who's 1yrs old, the sun is shining, my job is going well (although I see a storm brewing sometime in the near future !) and I have a general feeling of contentment. The one big problem I seem to have though is that my life seems to be ruled by money (isn't everyone's ?) and I feel that if I could remove this from the 'Life equation' then I'd have alot more 'yes' days than 'no' days.